Episode 6 : Exploring Media Literacy With Jacob Devaney

December 8, 2016


Our old friend Jacob Devaney recently wrote a guest post on our blog, 'The Word' that has been a well received contribution to the discussion around critical thinking and media literacy skills in relation to our current media landscape. We wanted to do a follow up to that and invite Jacob back to the podcast to expand on some key points of his post. 

Listen up as we discuss important topics like confirmation bias, yellow journalism, and the ethical side of journalism and how we can better inform ourselves to get a little bit closer to the truth.


Links To Arcticles Mentioned In This Episode:

"Students Have 'Dismaying' Inability To Tell Fake News From Real, Study Finds"

"Washington Post Editor Marty Baron Has A Message To Journalists In The Trump Era"

"There’s No Such Thing Anymore, Unfortunately, as Facts"


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